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The Social Insurance Fund is a government organization responsible for the distribution of social benefits related to the work activities of citizens. The structure distributes funds from the federal budget, implementing state programs within the framework of social insurance and health protection for employees working officially. You can use the services of the FSS of the Russian Federation not only in one of the fund’s branches, but also online; you just need to go through the registration procedure in your personal account on the official website.

Goals of introducing electronic sick leave certificates

Gradually, all government services are moving to an online format.
The introduction of an electronic sick leave certificate was another step towards computerizing the daily life of citizens. The main goals of introducing EBL include:

  1. Simplification of the procedure for assigning and paying sick leave;
  2. Reducing the number of fake temporary disability forms;
  3. Translation of paper reports into electronic ones;
  4. Reducing enterprise costs.

The formation and provision of EBL is entrusted to junior medical personnel, which frees doctors from paperwork, which takes a lot of time.

How to get EBL

To use the EBL option, you must contact a medical institution that works with the new system. The procedure for obtaining an electronic form is as follows:

  1. The patient goes to a medical facility and receives help;
  2. The hospital or clinic enters into the Social Insurance Fund information about the period of temporary disability of a person due to illness;
  3. The form is certified by a doctor, institution and an electronic security key;
  4. The patient receives a sick leave number, which he gives to the employer.

To work with electronic sick leave, both medical institutions and enterprises must install a special program—UIIS “Sotsstrakh”. Also, the medical organization, with the written consent of the employee, issues an electronic sick leave.

Purposes of the audit

As already indicated, on the basis of sick leave, the Social Insurance Fund pays compensation to the employee for all the time he spent on sick leave. A citizen who did not fill out the form properly or did not apply for it at all at a medical institution is not entitled to receive benefits. Every year throughout the country, the FSS detects approximately 2,500 – 2,600 false certificates.

The FSS can also check sick leave certificates in order to compare the data indicated on the leaflet itself and the data on benefits paid. Most of the funds paid by an employer to its employee for the time spent on sick leave are compensated to him from the Social Insurance Fund budget. Unscrupulous employers may inflate the amount of benefits paid in order to receive a larger reimbursement from the Fund.

Procedure for working with electronic sick leave

Considering that the format of electronic sick leave is quite new, many employers are confused when employees bring an analogue of a standard sheet.

Let's consider what an accountant should do if a company has implemented a reporting system in the EBL form.


Before proceeding with actual actions related to recording data in the system and calculating payments, an information agreement must be concluded with the regional Social Insurance Fund. Then you will receive an enhanced qualified signature and go through the registration procedure. On the one hand, the introduction of EBL means a reduction in the amount of paperwork; on the other hand, it is important to take into account a number of important features of electronic sick leave certificates.

Let's study the procedure step by step.


First of all, the company needs to create a personal page on the FSS portal. The system in which the EBL project is being implemented is called “Sotsstrakh” - a unified information system. It is possible to create personal access on the portal only if there is an authorized and confirmed page of the enterprise on State Services.
After entering the FSS website, information about the company is filled in in the Unified Social Insurance Information System section. When all data is entered, the page is considered activated. The portal opens up a number of options for both companies and employees of enterprises.

Important! To create a company profile on State Services, you should follow the same sequence as for a citizen. Either the manager or an authorized representative of the company has the right to open a personal account.

Redistribution of powers

An integral step is training accountants to work with electronic sick leave. Experienced professionals in this field quickly adapt to changes, as the procedure for filling out the form becomes easier.

But it is necessary that the accountant has an electronic signature, he has access to the Social Insurance system and uses all the capabilities of the website and free programs.

Informing employees

The company's management must inform employees about the possibility of issuing an electronic sick leave instead of a paper counterpart.
It is better to do this by issuing an order that is required to be read or in the form of a newsletter via SMS or email. On the one hand, employees still have the right to receive sick leave on a piece of paper, on the other hand, the employer should indicate all the benefits of EBL. Among some he can mention:

  • ease of receipt - not certified by the registry of the medical institution;
  • no risk of damage or loss of the form;
  • the ability to report a sick leave number remotely, that is, without visiting the accounting department;
  • an employee can independently obtain all the information on his sick leave through his personal account on the website:

The EBL payment is generated and transferred within three working days. The transfer period using the standard form is at least ten days.

Healthy! The employer does not have the right to oblige employees to receive exclusively EBL, nor does it have the right not to accept the paper format of sick leave.

Work algorithm

The system for working with an electronic sick leave certificate is fundamentally different from using a paper form. If both employees and managers of the enterprise are familiar with the procedure for certification and application of the second, then questions arise with the EBL. Let's look at what the procedure looks like in practice.

Principles and rules for filling out the form

After recovery in a medical facility, the employee does not receive any forms.
A specialist from the clinic generates an electronic sick leave and uploads it to the database, copying information from the patient’s medical record. The system issues a certificate of incapacity for work. The doctor gives the client only a digital code, which can be used to find information about the sick leave on the FSS website. The number can be used by medical institutions, the employer, and the Social Insurance Fund.

Attention! The accounting department is responsible for calculating payments at the enterprise, so the EBL number should be transferred to the employees of this department.

Making a payment

To apply for temporary disability payments, an accountant must have access to the Social Insurance system and be able to work with it.
It is also necessary for the employee to provide an electronic sick leave number; then we will consider this stage in more detail. If there are two specified components, the transfer of funds is a matter of technology that does not require additional information.

Receiving an EBL number from an employee

An employee in a medical institution will only receive a digital code that will give the employer access to information about his illness. Please note that the company’s management does not disclose information about the treatment and characteristics of the disease.

We are talking only about the length of time the employee was on sick leave and in which medical institution the employee was observed.

Filling out information in your personal account

The accountant must log into the Social Insurance Unified Information System (UIIS) in the organization’s personal account.
Next, he enters the EBL number provided by the employee and finds his sick leave in the database. To calculate the benefit, the specialist will need information about the period of illness. Also, the accountant must enter data about the enterprise (clause “c” of paragraph 11 of the Rules for information interaction when creating an electronic sick leave”). These include:

  • details of the legal entity;
  • employee experience and average income.

It is this information that plays a role in calculating the payout. Note that the information is identical to that filled out in paper form, but there are no strict requirements for ink and legibility of letters. The generated supplemented document is secured with an electronic signature.

Transfer of information to the FSS

After the form is filled out by the enterprise’s accounting department, it automatically enters the Social Insurance Fund system.
The document is sent to the department at the place of employment of the citizen and is checked by authorized employees of the department. As for the fate of funds, a direct transfer project is currently operating in a number of regions in Russia.
The point is that people receive money themselves, and not from the employer upon their first salary. However, in most regions the Social Insurance Fund compensates the employer.

Who can check the status of sick leave?

The reconciliation can be carried out by:

  • FSS itself;
  • employee of the enterprise. He is also the insured person;
  • the medical institution that issued the sick leave;
  • employer;
  • doctors who conducted a medical and social examination to determine the disability group or extend sick leave beyond the prescribed period.

Data can only be obtained through your personal account. To do this, you need to complete a simple applicant registration form. Depending on the status of the inspector, access to your personal account will be different.

Checking the EBL by an employee in his personal account

If the employee who issued the EBL wants to check the accuracy of the data specified in the document, then he has such an opportunity. To do this you need to do the following:

  • register on the State Services portal and confirm your identity;
  • go to the FSS website and fill out information about yourself in the personal account section;
  • remotely verify identity.

As soon as a medical institution sends a sick leave, it can be found by number in the personal account section.

Good to know! The information for the employee and the employer is provided the same, but the company’s accounting department has the right to make adjustments to its fields in the document, and a person has only access to viewing mode.

How to check the authenticity of a sick leave certificate?

Fake certificate of incapacity for work is not paid

How to check the authenticity of a sick leave certificate by number? Through the official website of the FSS. As a rule, employers use this function to avoid paying for a false slip. If it is issued in electronic form, then it is sufficient:

  • go to the official website of the Social Insurance Fund using a confirmed entry on the State Services portal;
  • go to the desired tab “Invalid certificates of incapacity for work” and enter the document number. If it is not here, then it is original.

The employer also has access to a unified database of issued sick leave certificates. He can enter the employee’s sick leave number or SNILS number and receive the necessary information in the form of a list. If the sheet presented is on the list, it was issued by a medical institution.

Things are somewhat different with checking a paper document. It also needs to be checked for authenticity. You can do it like this:

  • check the security elements - watermarks (this should be the FSS logo) and inscriptions visible in ultraviolet light;
  • carry out a visual check - the quality of the paper (you need to compare the paper of the previously brought original sheets and the one presented. There should be no differences in tactile sensations), the presence or absence of microtexts (on genuine paper they can only be clearly seen with the help of a magnifying glass. An inscription must be made on the document “Certificate of incapacity for work.” It is located under the signatures of all responsible persons);
  • correctness of filling.

How to check the authenticity of a sick leave certificate issued in paper form

The employer has 10 days to assign the benefit and pay it. During this time, information about the paper document will appear in the FSS database. If management doubts its visual and tactile sensations, it can check on the official website.

Ease of use

As practice has shown, both citizens, employers, and the Social Insurance Fund appreciated the ease of using electronic sick leave certificates. Like any new technology, EBL was introduced with difficulty, but after all authorized persons understood the system and operating principles, filling out forms became easier and faster.


The electronic sick leave project began to develop in pilot mode in 2015. Since then, positive aspects of the program have been recorded. The most significant include:

  • convenience - simply record data, there is no need to follow strict recommendations in filling out a paper form;
  • guarantee of authenticity - EBL cannot be faked, all information is recorded in an electronic system;
  • there is no risk of loss or damage to the sick leave certificate.

Please note that at the moment, companies and individual entrepreneurs are not required to switch to EBL, although we recommend this mode.


Electronic sick leave is in many ways an ideal solution, although one cannot fail to note a number of disadvantages that all parties face. Among the common features for medical institutions, the company and the Social Insurance Fund are:

  • the need for additional staff training;
  • acquisition of software and electronic signature;
  • possible technical failures.

As for the employees themselves, they will no longer be able to buy a fake form and in any way deceive the system. But this is more an advantage of the system than its disadvantage.

Refusal to accept EBL

Currently, organizations have the right, but are not required, to be included in the EBL system. Just like the employee has the opportunity to choose. There are cases when an employee prefers an electronic version of a document, but the employer only accepts a paper version. It is important to know! The company management must notify employees in what form sick leave is accepted.


Non-acceptance of a digital document is possible, especially for individual entrepreneurs with a staff of less than twenty-five people. The fact is that small businesses are not required to submit reports electronically.


If, during a visit to the accounting department, an employee finds out that the company is not connected to the electronic document management system, then he should contact the medical institution again to replace the form with a paper format.
If an enterprise is not authorized in the Social Insurance Fund system, then they cannot accept an electronic document on disability. In order not to lose the payment, the employee should present the original certificate in paper form.

The procedure for replacing with a paper analogue

To replace the EBL with a standard certificate, the patient must do the following:

  1. Contact the medical institution where the electronic sick leave was received and submit a request in writing to receive a paper equivalent;
  2. After checking the information, employees of the medical institution will issue a certificate with signatures and seals.

The application form does not have a unified form, but must contain both information about the person and the employer. In fact, the request is made on his behalf.

Employer's refusal

If a company has joined the electronic document management system, then the employer cannot refuse to accept EBL. In case of such behavior, it is permissible to contact the prosecutor's office on the grounds of infringement of rights.

How to check payment of sick leave benefits?

How to check the accrual of sick leave in the Social Insurance Fund? Every employee can do this through a single social insurance fund database. But he can only obtain data from those sheets that were issued in his name. To do this you need:

  • go to the official website of the FSS in your personal account using a confirmed ESIA account;
  • go to the “Certificates of Incapacity for Work” section. A list of documents that were previously issued in the name of the authorized user will be presented here;
  • You need to enter the maximum amount of information in the search field so that the system can quickly search. As a rule, it is enough to enter the sick leave number or the date of its opening (closing);
  • the system will issue a document for viewing. The applicant will be able to find out whether the employer has accrued disability benefits for him or not. If yes, then the money will be paid to the employee on the next payday.

Check Features

Many people are interested in why the number of errors decreases when using EBL.
The fact is that when using the resource, both the medical institution and the employing company must download free FSS applications. In this case, at the stage of filling out personal information, the system will check it in real time and will not allow the submission of a form with false information. An error that can actually occur is an incorrectly calculated amount.

Attention! The FSS recommends using an online calculator for calculations, located on the department’s website

Electronic sick leave is a relatively new service that is gaining popularity. The ability to avoid paperwork, reduce time and avoid counterfeit forms is attractive to both medical institutions and employers. The principle of working with EBL is quite simple, but training in the specifics of authorized employees on all sides of the relationship is necessary.

Today, the possibility of registration and a paper analogue has been preserved; the right to choose the form is given to the patient. Gradually, an increasing number of companies and clinics are switching to electronic document management, including in the field of sick leave recording.

Verification procedure

How is sick leave checked at work? You need to understand that this document is a strict reporting form. Each form is entered into a specialized database. So it is almost impossible to buy this document legally or ask a doctor to issue it.

Most likely, it will not be entered into the database, and thus will not be paid for from public funds.

There are several ways to determine the authenticity of a document:

  1. The document is published in the form of a standard form. In 2011, there were changes in appearance and the sick leave was completely changed. Previously, the form was in A5 size, now it is A4 size. In addition, the color and shape have changed.
    Any the form has a unique number consisting of 12 digits, blue-yellow color scheme. All fields must be filled out exclusively in capital letters using a black fountain or spruce pen. Alternatively, the document can be filled out on a computer. All these requirements are needed for quick entry into the electronic database.

    In addition, the certificate of incapacity for work has a watermark and additional color shading. On the new certificate of incapacity for work there is a field where you need to enter the outpatient card number, INN and SNILS. There are also fields on the form that the manager must fill out.

    It is difficult to fake all these points, but it is possible. Although now not only the accountant, but also the manager must sign this document at work. If an employee provides an old-style sick leave certificate after June 1, 2011, then such a document is invalid.

  2. The certificate of incapacity for work must be issued and signed by an authorized person (medical worker keeping the medical history).
  3. The employer must send any specialist from his department to clarify this data to a specific clinic. There they are required to provide him with a database containing information about a specific certificate of incapacity for work .
  4. It is necessary to make an official request to the clinic to confirm the authenticity of the issued sheet. The document can be written like this: “A request to confirm the authenticity of the certificate of incapacity No. that we received...” The request must necessarily include: an attachment in the form of this leaflet, as well as the signature of management and the chief accountant.
  5. Send an appeal to the FSS citizens. This institution regulates the verification of information in clinics and hospitals and makes inquiries about the legality of their actions in providing the certificate.
  6. Make a request to your own security service , if available. But, as a rule, all self-respecting companies have this structure. Often these employees have connections with law enforcement agencies. Those, in turn, are guided by all the information about hospitals and clinics conducting legitimate activities.
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